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Brand Introduction
  Bus Brand: SUNWIN

Brand Logo:
 The inspiration of “SUNWIN” brand design comes from the essence of traditional Chinese culture – the “crown sculpture” in ancient architecture, which is especially powerful. Its design concept is in line with that of the China Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. The brand design takes “S”, the first letter of SUNWIN and also the first letter of SAIC, the controlling shareholder of SUNWIN, as the creative origin. The letter “S” revolves and extends diagonally in accordance with the Tai Chi schema. The rigorous, solemn, uniform and calm geometry symbolizes the solid strength of the brand, as well as the safety and high quality of the products. The stout columns on both sides of the logo symbolize the backbone and powerful strength of SAIC brand. Its rough yet somewhat refined form shows a combination of a sense of strength and stereoscopic motion, which also indicates that SUNWIN will continue to make innovation and enhance its strength to meet new challenges. The oblique line design in the LOGO naturally reflects the continuity with the original square logo. The logo is complete, rigid and flexible on the whole, with orderly changes, showing lofty aristocratic temperament and traditional beauty, so that the visual image of “SUNWIN” exhibits more essence of traditional Chinese culture.
The new trademark is modified on the basis of the original square logo, which better conforms to the international aesthetic trends, enhances the overall texture, and symbolizes safety and high quality of SUNWIN products. Meanwhile, it gives customers an opportunity to experience the profound quality meaning of SUNWIN, without changing their familiarity with the original SUNWIN trademark. 
 Brand Interpretation:
 The design conforms to the strategic direction of SAIC’s overall development and the requirements of the times, adheres to SAIC’s core values of “Integrity, Responsibility and Collaboration, Innovation, Enterprise and Aspiration”, fully embodies the new format of gathering strength and striving forward, and demonstrate the concept of green, energy-saving and environmental protection of new energy products.
The design adds a three-dimensional or concave-convex feeling, adapting to the color variability of trademark application license in the new energy era and highlighting SAIC’s integrated management. It follows SAIC’s mission and SUNWIN’s business philosophy “Customer First, Serving the Society” and “Lean, Efficiency and Integrity”, and aims to realize SUNWIN’s mission of “bringing quality, safe and environmentally friendly products and services to the market, and creating value for shareholders, employees and society by creating value for users”. 
The new logo has improved the incongruity between the original square trademark and the whole vehicle, and strengthened the texture quality, so as to reflect the quality assurance of SUNWIN products, satisfy customers’ demand for SUNWIN passenger buses, and improve SUNWIN’s overall business image.