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  SUNWIN “Healthy Bus” Drives You through the Hard TimesMarch, 2020

    Since the Spring Festival in 2020, the nationwide battle against the COVID-19 has registered a temporary victory with joint efforts in the community. The good news is that no new confirmed cases are found all over the country, but we still cannot take it lightly! With the recent traffic peak of returning migrant workers after the Spring Festival and the successive resumption of work at enterprises, urban public transportation has now become the “main battlefield” of screening, disinfection and epidemic prevention. As an automobile enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility and mission, and in order to make public transportation safer, SUNWIN has designed and developed a complete set of “healthy bus” solution that keeps passengers of SUNWIN buses healthy and safe under all-round protection and throughout the traveling process, using epidemic fighting technologies and intelligence.    
    Prevention & control and screening -non-contact automatic temperature measurement system on bus
    Because bus passengers are dense and highly mobile, the traditional manual temperature measurement is too time-consuming, labor-intensive and inefficient to cope with the passenger flow during rush hours. SUNWIN bus adopts an innovative design of automatic temperature measurement system with infrared thermal imaging module. This system that integrates AI face recognition, photoelectric sensing and wireless communication technologies is installed beside the slot machine by the front door to automatically measure temperature and detect masks of passengers as they swipe card or insert coins. The intelligent temperature measurement system is highly sensitive and non-contact. It can record passengers with abnormal body temperatures and track and display the bus in real time to keep other passengers on the bus healthy and safe. It is an efficient means to screen and track sensitive groups and a “magical instrument” to be used in urban hygiene and disease control and to keep the public safe during large-scale events.
    Disinfection and purification - ultraviolet disinfection system on bus
    Buses are usually crowded and poor ventilated. In order to continuously optimize the bus environment, SUNWIN buses are equipped with a ultraviolet radiation photo catalyst network in the air duct. Ultraviolet disinfection happens for disinfection purposes when ultraviolet rays fall on microorganisms in the air duct and kill them through energy transmission and accumulation. Statistics show that 99% of bacteria and viruses can be killed when exposed to a cumulative ultraviolet dose of 20mJ. 253.7nm ultraviolet light can effectively destroy the genetic material (DNA or RNA) of microorganisms, preventing bacteria and viruses from replication and transcription of the genetic material. In this way, it kills bacterial pathogens and eliminates the source of infection.
    Before the bus departs from or stops at a rest station, the ultraviolet disinfection system will be turned on to effectively sterilize the bus within 20 minutes and shuts down automatically after the disinfection is completed. The catalytic degradation activated by ultraviolet rays can effectively sterilize and purify the air in the air duct of the bus; combined with the air conditioning system and the fresh air circulation system in the escape hatch, the ultraviolet disinfection system effectively sterilizes the air, armrests, seats and every corner of the bus to keep the driver and passengers healthy and safe while effectively blocking the spread of the epidemic through public transportation.
    Detection and security check - intelligent combustible gas detection and alarm system
    SUNWIN also offers a considerate design for fire safety during the operation of the bus:  intelligent combustible gas detection and alarm systems installed by the front and rear doors and in the front and rear compartments. When a passenger gets on with any flammable and explosive material, an alarm will be triggered on the dashboard display immediately to prevent potential danger and ensure the driving safety of the bus.
    SUNWIN follows closely SAIC Motor’s development strategy of intelligent, electric, networked and sharing vehicles and shoulders the mission of “providing innovative products and services and creating value for the society”. It is committed to developing and applying state-of-the-art scientific technologies in buses and to continuously increasing the operation safety of buses throughout the driving process. “The epidemic is merciless, but human beings are not.”During this hard time, all employees of SUNWIN, bearing a strong sense of social responsibility and mission, will work diligently and go all out to guarantee safety protection and logistical support on buses and will contribute to a rolling victory in the “battle” against the epidemic. May our efforts add more charm to the beautiful Shanghai and give it the confidence to greet guests from all corners of the world with open arms!