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  SUNWIN Held the Annual Mobilization Meeting on Quality ImprovementMarch, 2020

    In order to accelerate product quality improvement and enhancethe “user-oriented” awareness across the company, SUNWIN made 2020 the Quality Year at the annual management meeting early this year. This Quality Year initiative is intended to build a deep-rooted “quality and users first” awareness, lay a solid foundation for user services, and pursue sustainable development with quality competitiveness.
    On March 11, the annual mobilization meeting on quality improvement was held at SUNWIN and was attended by party leaders and directors of different departments. At the meeting, Jin Gang, the management representative and deputy general manager, explained the spirit of the “Quality Year” initiative. Then, representatives from the Quality Assurance Department, the Technical Center, the Manufacturing Engineering Department, the Production Department, the Sales Company, and the Human Resources Department reported their work plan for quality improvement and quality assessment incentive program for 2020.
At the end of the meeting, Party Committee Secretary Feng Yuan and General Manager Gui Longming put forward some requirements on the work to be done during the Quality Year.
    Secretary Feng required that all departments promote the Quality Year initiative internally and externally, continuously enhance the quality and benchmarking awareness of employees at all levels, analyze the existing quality problems in products objectively from the perspective of customers, identify gaps and propose relevant solutions, and improve product quality continuously; the Party Committee, the Labor Union, and the Youth League Committee will cooperate with the Administration Department by organizing meritorious competitions and other relevant activities under the Quality Year initiative simultaneously. Party members at all levels should set a pioneering and exemplary model and work together to improve the quality of SUNWIN products.
    General Manager Gui required that department directors be fully aware of the harsh external environment for SUNWIN, maintain the keen sense of crisis and urgency, strengthen the sense of responsibility as cadres, well communicate the requirements for the Quality Year initiative internally, convert work goals and tasks into specific tracking lists, and keep regular tracking and review until all problems are closed. The After-sales Service Department should deepen and advance the joint warranty work more quickly, define the organizational warranty and working mechanism, and continuously increase the service response speed and customer satisfaction.