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  Shanghai SASAC Officials Visited SUNWINMarch, 2020

    On the morning of April 9, 2020, Bai Tinghui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Shanghai Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai SASAC”), visited SUNWIN with his delegation composed of some leaders from the Office, the Planning and Development Division, the Innovation and Development Division, and the Enterprise Reform Division of the Shanghai SASAC. Lan Qingsong, Vice President of SAIC Motor, as well as representatives from the Commercial Vehicle Business Division, the Commercial Vehicle Technical Center, and SUNWIN joined the reception.
    The officials of Shanghai SASAC first tried the 9 series pure electric bus of SUNWIN and then visited the hub test center of the bus sub-center, the prototype display at the trial production workshop, and the production line at the assembly workshop. After the tour, the leader of SAIC Motor reported on the development history, basic information and recent progress of work in different aspects of SUNWIN.
    After hearing the report of the leader from SAIC Motor, the visiting guests from Shanghai SASAC divisions said that they saw significant improvements that SUNWIN has made in new product research and development, process manufacturing, and production site management capabilities in recent years.
Secretary Bai expected SUNWIN to capitalize on the trend and seize the chance under the great context of domestic economic recovery after the epidemic. He hoped that the enterprise can further enhance the “people-oriented” concept and accelerate reform, development and innovation. In terms of products and services, he urged to the enterprise to pay attention to collecting and timely responding to the opinions of end users like citizens, passengers, drivers, and maintenance personnel. At the same time, it should also benchmark itself against international brand products and passenger car standards, continuously improve the quality and taste of bus products, improve the services provided throughout the life cycle of the products, and ensure consistent internal and external quality. Finally, the enterprise was expected to attach importance to innovation, devoted more energy to brand building and maintenance, accelerate innovations in management mechanism and business model, and advance brand building and maintenance with a strong sense of honor while actively promoting technological innovation.
    Finally, Secretary Bai emphasized that SUNWIN, as a local enterprise in Shanghai, should be positioned as “a specialized, strong and excellent” business. It should quicken the pace of market development with the full support of SAIC Motor, and for that matter, the Shanghai SASAC will, as always, support SUNWIN through its future development.